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Güneş, a rising star in the world of Turkish pop and R&B music, who has quickly captured the hearts of music enthusiasts with her previous releases, continues to make headlines with her successes. While she is busy preparing for her upcoming album, she has pleasantly surprised her fans by deciding to release her highly anticipated new song, “Bölüm Sonu,” (roughly translates to “the End of Section”) ahead of schedule, creating a buzz on social media.

The lyrics and music for this new track are composed by Güneş, with arrangements and production by Berkin Laleli and mixing/mastering by Gökhan Güler.

A snippet of the new song shared on TikTok quickly gained hype, and even before its official release, fans began writing its lyrics on concert banners. Güneş, currently on tour as part of the Fanta Fest, will add her new song to her concert repertoire starting Friday.

Lil Zey’s dark ballad

Lil Zey, one of the successful artists in Turkish rap music, has released her new single titled “Naylon” (“Nylon”) with the support of Atlantic Records Germany and Warner Music Türkiye.

Collaborating with Simülasyon, Muerte and Berky, with whom she previously worked on the hit song “Defol” (“Get Out”), Lil Zey takes a surprising, experimental approach in this new release. Described as an emotional rebellion against life, “Naylon” blends contemporary R&B-hip-hop genres with organic drums and ethnic elements.

Turkish rapper Lil Zey. (Photo by Hakan Uç)

The lyrics by Simülasyon and Lil Zey, with Muerte as the lead producer and production contributions from Simulasyon and Berky, add emotional depth to the song while the mellotron flute and various ethnic elements give the song a unique identity.

Lil Zey describes the song as follows: “‘Naylon’ is a dark love ballad, an angry breakup song, a critical monologue, an empowering escape fantasy, a multilayered examination of meaningful questions, and at least a reflection screen for those in pain.”

Multilayered journey

Known internationally for his unique blend of genres using Hyperpop, Mumblerap and three-dimensional counter-cyclical Trap sounds, Lil Zey offers a complex musical structure. The song combines relaxing flute melodies, mysterious percussion rhythms, ’80s-style synth walls and innovative sound distortions. Produced by Muerte Beatz, Berky and Simulasyon, the track navigates between ever-changing phases, constantly swaying between the epic and the intricate.

Emir Taha (L) and Murda pose for their single visual. (Photo by Hakan Uç)

‘Baby’ combines talent

Emir Taha and Murda have joined forces on their new single, “Baby,” which is poised to become one of this summer’s most listened-to songs. Both musicians represent a new generation that transcends boundaries and genres. Emir Taha and Murda have created a unique fusion with their new single. A bit of London and Amsterdam, the song offers a different flavor that captivates your senses.

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