Hurricane pushes politics aside, brings people together – The Ledger

Ledger Columnist Bruce Anderson in Lakeland Fl  Thursday December 22,2022.
Ernst Peters/The Ledger

I’m at my window desk with the wind lashing around and tons of rain falling just after a wild night. Band after band of the outer arms of Idalia’s distant grab for my end of Florida swept through, but I’m on high ground, so it mostly drains as it falls.

Even here, far to the south of the direct impact up in the Big Bend, the storm flooded the streets and found every leak in every roof. I’ve got power, but father north thousands do not. A friend has a lovely old beach house up at Alligator Point. In that crook of the gulf coast most known for its unspoiled white sand and deep green mangroves is a place I fear for. They’re safe down here, but worried, of course.

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