In Russia, developed a navigator for the blind

More and more IT developments are appearing in Russia. One of the centers of such developments is the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, which launched several interesting start-up projects last year. Anton Losev, director of the Business Incubator of the Financial University, told Izvestia about this on Wednesday, January 4.
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“There are two startups to celebrate this year. One of them is a navigator for the blind, which allows people with visual impairments and ordinary people to navigate the premises. The navigator was created as a mobile application,” Losev said.

According to him, thanks to Rospatent, two patents were obtained for this development, one of which made it possible to quickly digitize premises, the second – directly for orientation inside the premises.

“We are grateful to Rospatent’s Advanced Technology Assistance Center for supporting the guys and helping them prepare applications for registration,” Losev said.

He also reported on several other projects.

So, according to him, through Rospatent, protection was received for the technology of the freelance platform project for data scientists, which allows calculating models without exchanging source data and program code.

“The technology lies in the fact that the owner of the data set uploads it to the platform, and the performer on the other hand, without seeing this data, sends the code for calculation. The source code and the data set are connected. The technology has already been partially introduced into the educational process at the Financial University,” said the director of the Business Incubator.

He noted the importance of the current involvement of students in the development of new technologies and products, in entrepreneurial activity itself, which is what the Financial University is doing.

“And the support of Rospatent is especially important, because other organizations do not provide such support. There is not a single patent attorney who would claim to provide students and entrepreneurs with a free service that costs about 130,000 rubles on the market,” Losev summed up.

Prior to that, on December 28, Maksut Shadayev, head of the Russian Ministry of Digital Development, proposed making 2023 the year of IT startups. He added that it is important to understand exactly what mechanisms can stimulate the emergence of startups and how to make sure that businesses are motivated to invest in them.

On November 26, it was reported that Roscosmos would create a digital platform to support startups. According to the head of the state corporation Yuri Borisov, Roscosmos needs a bank of breakthrough projects. He noted that without a radical restructuring of the entire industry, Russia by 2030 will yield leadership not only to the United States and Europe, but also to India and China. Roscosmos emphasized that by 2026 it is necessary to ensure the scientific and technological readiness of the main enterprises, build new logistics and grow and improve personnel.

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