‘It’s About Saving Babies’: Nikki Haley Proposes National Consensus on Abortion

Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley broke new ground Tuesday by calling for a national consensus on the issue of abortion. 

In a speech to Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America (SBA), Haley said there should be federal legislation regulating abortion and she’s ready to work with both sides to find a compromise.

“I said I want to save as many babies and help as many moms as possible. That is my goal,” she said. “To do that at the federal level, the next president must find a national consensus.”

She added, “This shouldn’t be about picking sides, scoring points, or stoking outrage. It’s about saving babies and supporting moms. I’m fighting for all of them, and I will work with anyone to do that.”

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Haley announced her bid for the presidency in February, just a few short years after serving as U.N. ambassador under President Donald Trump. Haley was also South Carolina’s governor from 2011-2017.

In 2016, she signed a 20-week abortion ban into law in South Carolina.

As a state House member, Haley said she voted for “every pro-life bill that came before me,” including a 24-hour waiting period for people seeking abortions.

Her latest stop on the presidential campaign trail was at the offices of SBA List in Arlington, Virginia where she explained why she is pro-life. 

“My husband was adopted, and I am reminded of that blessing every single day,” Haley said. “My husband is reason No. 1 that I stand for life. Every day that I get to spend with the love of my life reminds me that I am blessed that someone saved his life.”

Haley criticized the focus on week-by-week abortion restrictions and said it’s more important to find an appropriate agreement on the issue.

“Everyone goes to the barricades and attacks the other side. They’ve turned a sensitive issue that has long divided people into a kind of gotcha bidding war,” she said. “‘How many weeks are you for? How many exceptions are you for?’ And so on. But these questions miss the point if the goal is saving as many lives as possible.”

“Pro-life political leaders and candidates must not put up with being demonized,” Haley said. 

She added, “We don’t need a president who endangers lives while dividing our country even more. We need a president who unites Americans and brings out the best in them, even on the toughest subjects. That will be my approach as president.” 

The SBA List praised Haley’s position on abortion. 

Last week, the group strongly criticized President Trump after his spokesperson called abortion a “state issue.”

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