Japanese TV call of Shohei Ohtani striking out Mike Trout to win WBC is legendary

Shohei Ohtani clinched the WBC title for Japan by striking out Angels teammate Mike Trout to beat Team USA — but the Japanese TV call of it is too good.

The World Baseball Classic came down to one pitch. Japan’s Shohei Ohtani on for the save against USA’s Mike Trout. One sweeping slider and a helpless swing later, and the Japanese team took the gold medal at the WBC in a truly legendary ending to a phenomenal tournament.

Perhaps the only thing that could make it better would be to hear the Japanese TV call of the final out from the world superstar.

Good thing we have that for you.

Japanese TV call of Shohei Ohtani strikeout vs. Mike Trout to win WBC is iconic

You don’t need to speak the language to feel the raw emotion and excitement from the Japanese TV broadcast on that final out resulting from the epic showdown between Angels teammates and all-time greats playing in the game right now. It was quite a lot over a meaningless exhibition…

Ohtani, naturally, was named WBC MVP after notching the tournament-clinching save but also doing it at the plate and overall when he took the mound as well. Seriously, just look at these numbers.

There is a unicorn on the field!

Fans were undoubtedly treated to an epic conclusion to the World Baseball Classic and it was evident at every moment how much players and coaches from Team Japan and Team USA cared about every swing, every pitch, and every bounce of the ball with the tournament on the line. And the Japanese TV call of those final moments exemplifies that perfectly.

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