Jim Chalmers: The Voice is about helping Australians share in the fair go

With the Prime Minister yesterday setting October 14 as the date for the referendum, more West Australians will now be turning their mind to the question of the Voice to Parliament.

I encourage you to think about the Voice as an investment in our country’s future.

It’s clear every time I visit WA, including this week, that this great State has been built on investment.

People here understand that for both government and business, getting value for money involves planning ahead and ensuring local communities are heard.

In many ways that’s what the Voice seeks to do, too.

The Voice is about recognition and listening, and will mean that the billions of dollars that governments invest in programs are better able to deliver outcomes that improve lives.

By listening to First Nations communities, the Voice will help ensure money gets to the communities where it will have the most impact and deliver the best outcomes in areas like Indigenous health, education, employment and housing.

In this way, the referendum doesn’t — as some would have us believe — require a choice between pragmatism and principles.

What works and what’s right are not mutually exclusive. In fact, they can reinforce each other through the Voice.

It’s clear from the latest Closing the Gap data that despite the best intentions of many, the current approach isn’t working.

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