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Re: “Proposed fund could help back abortion travel,” Front Page, Thursday:

So, San Antonio City Council established the “Reproductive Justice Fund” to “offset the travel expenses of those seeking legal abortions outside of Texas.”

Not from my tax dollars! “Legal” does not make it right. It still represents a “culture of death.” 

Refugio S. Fernandez


Magistration failures

After reading several articles in Wednesday’s Express-News, it seems there is a problem with repeat offenders of the law and early releases.

The problem extends back to magistrate judges. Maybe it is time to investigate the judges’ decisions. It’s clear the decisions were not made in the interest of public safety and certainly not for the safety of our police officers.

The magistrate judges should bear some of these responsibilities. If the courts are not given the needed information to make a proper decision, the district attorney and the police chief should be informed immediately.

This isn’t rocket science, just everyone being committed to what is right and reasonable.

Vonia Serakos

It takes working together

The old adage “all politics is local” applies to the serious problem of detaining violent suspects.

Unfortunately, prosecutorial will has declined in recent years, and some would say this has affected the magistration process. I am glad to see that San Antonio Police Chief William McManus and Bexar County District Attorney Joe Gonzales are willing to discuss this issue.

Hopefully, we can keep politics out of this evaluation and protect our residents and police by keeping violent suspects behind bars.

Alexander McLeod


GOP misses opportunity

By not disavowing former President Donald Trump and promoting a moderate conservative, the GOP is missing a great opportunity to win back voters.

They would have Republicans who put party first, independents who want moderate candidates and perhaps Democrats concerned about President Joe Biden’s age.  

Nancy Powlas

Where’s the beef?

Surely people should comprehend what is going on in Washington, D.C., and throughout the world.

Republicans are not moving with a united plan. Americans who believe the government has overstepped its bounds and authority are asking, “So, what’s the plan?”

I don’t see or hear one.  

Peter Stern

No parties in Congress

A week or two ago, a writer said Congress is broken and needs fixing, but no one seems to know what to do. I have an idea. 

Let candidates for the Senate and the House run as Democrats, Republicans, independents or whatever. When they win and go to Washington, D.C.,  they lose party affiliation.

They are no longer a Democrat from Texas. They’re from Texas. They will sit in the Senate in alphabetical order. There will be no “sides of the aisle.” They will serve a six-year term. One third of the Senate will be up for election every other year. There will be no Black caucus, no Hispanic caucus, no Democrat or Republican conferences. 

Our elected representatives would be expected work together for the benefit of all Americans. If the government couldn’t figure out the procedures to make it work, such as how to elect leaders and committee chairs, hire a large consulting firm. 

Additionally, if they accept an invitation to appear on CNN or Fox News, they would be required to accept an invitation to appear on the other network.

Fred Martin

Age is just a number

It is not always a person’s age in performing his or her job. What matters most is the condition of the mind and ability to use it properly and wisely.

Baylor Randle

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