Latest News: Muhlenberg Students, Faculty and Staff Honored at 2023 Honors Convocation


Muhlenberg Students, Faculty and Staff Honored at 2023 Honors Convocation

The annual ceremony celebrates academic achievement, community engagement, original research and commitment to the College.

 Friday, May 5, 2023 09:19 AM

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Faculty and administrators attend the 2023 Honors Convocation in Egner Chapel. Photos by Marco Calderon

The Muhlenberg College Honors Convocation is a formal academic ceremony designed to honor and celebrate leadership and scholarly excellence and achievement in the College community. This year’s program was held at 2:30 p.m. on Sunday, April 30, in Egner Chapel. The address was provided by Amy Hark, Ph.D., professor of biology.

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A woman in academic robes and a hat shakes hands with a tall woman in academic robes with blonde hair


The Class of 1932 Research Professorship

Professor of French Eileen McEwan, Ph.D.

Established in 1986, this professorship provides release time for up to one year for a faculty member to pursue research or other creative work that will result in publication or presentation consistent with the discipline.

The Crossette Family Fellowship 

Professor of Biology Marten Edwards, Ph.D.

The Crossette Family Fellowship for International Research was established by the Crossette family to support faculty travel and study outside the United States. The aim is to expand the geographical boundaries of the College’s intellectual reach and increase opportunities for faculty to add to their expertise and scholarship.

The Donald B. Hoffman Research Fellowship

Professor of Chemistry Keri Colabroy, Ph.D.

Named in honor of Dr. Donald B. Hoffman ’32, this fellowship supports faculty in scholarship, research or creative activity that results in publication, performance or exhibition while enhancing the reputation of the College.

The Robert C. Williams Faculty Award 

Assistant Professor of English and Africana Studies Emanuela Kucik, Ph.D.

Established in memory of the life and service of Robert C. Williams, academic vice president and dean of the College from 1985 to 1987, this award honors a junior faculty member for distinguished scholarship and research or public performance.

The Daniel J. and Carol Shiner Wilson Grant for the Completion of Scholarly Projects

Assistant Professor of Public Health Kathleen Bachynski, Ph.D.

Professor of English James Bloom, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Biology Giancarlo Cuadra, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Neuroscience Matthieu de Wit, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Anthropology Casey James Miller, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Sociology Sahar Sadeghi, Ph.D.

The Daniel J. and Carol Shiner Wilson Grants for the Completion of Scholarly Projects are presented to faculty to assist with the completion of a significant work of scholarly activity.

The Ruth and Joel Spira Prize for Distinguished Teaching

Associate Professor of Public Health Chrysan Cronin, Ph.D.

This award was established by Joel and Ruth Spira to recognize and inspire excellence in teaching within and beyond the confines of the traditional classroom by supporting superior performance in undergraduate research instruction.

The Award for the Outstanding Advisor to First-Year Students 

Lecturer of Biology Debra Walther, Ph.D.

This award was established in 1987 as a testimony to the high value the College places on advising for incoming students.

The Faculty Rising Scholars Award

Assistant Professor of Public Health Kathleen Bachynski, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Physics Charles Collett, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Political Science Ross Dardani, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Film Studies David Romberg, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Spanish Mirna Trauger, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Neuroscience Leah Wilson, Ph.D.

This award is funded by Richard C. Crist ’77 P’05 P’09 and John M. Heffner P’96, as well as the collective efforts of the entire Board of Trustees. Muhlenberg College is pleased to offer the Faculty Rising Scholars Award to support the scholarship of tenure-track faculty and to provide exciting research opportunities for first- and second-year students.

A woman in academic robes and a hat shakes hands with a woman with long hair wearing a white pantsuit


The Chairman’s Award

Director of Student Support Services Michele Paules

The Chairman’s Award is given to College staff members whose record of achievements has significantly contributed to the mission of Muhlenberg College.

The Hamre Prize 

Administrative Assistant, Provost’s Office Lori Flatto (individual)

Director of Accounting Services Andrea Gillespie (team)

Director of Corporate, Foundation and Government Relations Stephen Payne (team)

The Hamre Prize is intended to recognize the most significant contributions made by administrative employees, including managers, staff associates and service personnel, during the past year. 

Student Government Award

Director of Student Support Services Michele Paules

The Student Government Award is granted to a current member of the faculty, staff or management team for outstanding service to students, over a period of at least three years, in promoting student involvement, responsibility and action.

A woman in black academic robes and hat shakes hands with a college student with long hair wearing a flowery dress


The American Chemical Society Prize, Lehigh Valley Section

Hannah Morris ’23

The Leslie R. Anders Memorial Prize

Isabella van der Weide ’23

The Dr. Edwin R. Baldrige Memorial Award

Eva Vaquera ’23

The Dr. Charles S. Bednar Award in Political Science

Cydney Wilson ’23

The Harry A. Benfer Memorial Scholarship

Paige Henderson ’24

The Dr. Robert A. Boyer Prize

Kaleb Gearinger ’23

The Rev. Dr. H. H. Bruning Gift Fund Prizes

Sarah Gwiazda ’23

Nesya Sloane ’23

The Lucille Cafouros Award in Anthropology

Aya Kanan ’23

The Lucille Cafouros Award in Sociology

Sarina Cohn ’22

The Elizabeth A. Carlson Memorial Prize in Dance

Claire Spenard ’23

The Citizen Exchange Council Award in Russian Studies

Yael Beer ’24

The Franklin H. Claire ’59 Memorial Award for Excellence in Marketing

Elizabeth Rosario ’23

The Class of 1969 Graduate Study Award

Aya Kanan ’23

The Class of 1969 Music Award

Lily Arovas ’23

The Corona D’alloro Prize in Italian Studies

Natalia Cieslar ’23

The Tara Demarzo Dedication Award

Thomas Hiller ’23

The Jeanette Eichenwald Interfaith Award

Sadra Bowie ’23

The Russell B. Everett Romance Language Award

Simone Kacal ’23

The Lillian and Anthony Fiddler Memorial Award in Music

Anna Bobok ’23

The Doris E. Flamish Memorial Award

Danielle Siteman ’23

The William A. Flamish Memorial Award in Neuroscience

Alissa Le ’23

The William M. French Award in Education

Elaine Landry ’24

The Dr. George A. Frounfelker Award

Christian Johansson ’23

Anureet Kaur ’23

The Russell Fulford Award

Charles Ohanian ’24

The Futter Prize for Achievements in Language Studies

Yael Beer ’24

The Carl E. Grothehen Jr. Memorial Award for Excellence in Psychology

Isabella Caban-Echevarria ’23

The Espi Guinto Young Writer’s Award

Raymond Ceres ’25

Zev Lonner ’24

The Dr. John A. W. Haas Award

Samantha Lipson ’24

The Susan E. Halamay Journalism Award

Alexandra Caban-Echevarria ’23

The George H. Hambrecht Law School Award

Camryn Griffon ’23

The Frederick E. Hanson Scholarship Award

Erica Borbi ’25

The James W. and Barbara H. Herrick Award

Emma Eglinton ’23

The Morris S. Hoats Award

Faith Maldonado ’23

The Wayne Kenneth Hollabaugh P’88 and Linda J. King Hollabaugh P’88 Award

Bridget Wiggan ’23

The Huebner Global Education and Awareness Award

Jack Riccobono ’25

The Carol E. Hutchinson Memorial Prize in Research in Psychology

Adonis Brooks ’23

The Hyman-Goodman Award

Declan Kelsey ’24

The Louis J. Jacobs Premedical Prize

George Yacoub ’23

The Dr. Victor L. Johnson Scholarship

Sophia Framm ’24

The Keith M. Keenly Microbiology Award

Daniel Burden ’23

The Miriam E. Koehler Award for Excellence in Mathematics

Jonathan Cohen ’25

The Carol Emhardt Kuntzleman Memorial Award

Alyssa Faville ’24

Sophia Framm ’24

The Ralph A. and Mary A. Lichtenwalner Memorial Prize

Raivat Shah ’23

The Alphonse C. Lova Memorial Award in Chemistry

Lauren Washco ’24

The Seena Marcus Art Award

Lizard Foley ’24

The Dr. Anthony J. Marino Jr. Award in Computing Science

Summer Whitley ’24

The Professor Roberta Meek Africana Studies Award 

Hailey Petrus ’23

The Wesley S. Mitman Mathematical Prize

Amanda Sodl ’23

Shuhong Tang ’23

The Clifford R. Moyer Memorial Prize in Physics

Benjamin Eber ’23

The Muhlenberg Goodwill Prize

Danielle Siteman ’23

The Robert W. and Edythe M. Mull Award for Excellence in Mathematics

Charles Ohanian ’24

The Novartis Endowed Science Scholars Program Award

Megan Lyttle ’23

Isabella van der Weide ’23

Lauren Washco ’24

The Dr. Robert S. Ochner Award

Anthony Merchlinsky ’24

The Arthur C. Peters Memorial Prize

Nesya Sloane ’23

Phi Sigma Iota Award in French

Emma Eglinton ’23

Phi Sigma Iota Award in Spanish

Alison Rutyna ’23

The President’s Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement and Promise for Postgraduate Work

Giovanni Merrifield ’23

Lily Press ’24

Lauren Washco ’24

The Dr. John J. Reed Scholarship

Jenny Lee ’24

The D. Irvin and Marjorie M. Reitz Scholarship

Cara Palumbo ’23

The Todd L. Romig Memorial Prize

Dylan De Magistris ’24

The Martin A. Rosoff Clu Memorial Award

Annie Cooper ’23

The Dr. Dominic J. Salines Memorial Award

Sara Ringenbach ’23

The Senior Scholar Athletes of the Year Award

Max May ’23

Nicole Randazza ’23

The Dr. John V. Shankweiler Prize

Anna Connolly ’23

Lam Doan ’23

The Paul C. Sherr Essay Prize

Faith Maldonado ’23

The Dr. John and Ethel Shintay Scholarship

Eitan Gitlin ’25

The Dr. Robert E. Shoemaker Graduate Fellowship

Bethany Fluck ’23

The Stanley D. Sloyer Award in Music

Yael Beer ’24

The Dr. Harold L. Stenger Jr. Fellowship for Graduate Study in Literature

Alexandra Caban-Echevarria ’23

The Harry and Mary Trexler Trust Pretheological Prize

Giovanni Tafuri ’23

The Sojourner Truth Award

Allison Piotte ’23

The Dr. William Wackernagel Award for Excellence in German

Susa List ’23

The Paul M. White ’27 Business Award

Eric Calabro ’24

Ciera McDonald ’23

Zachary Mikuta ’24

Samuel Nulman ’24

The Woman’s Auxiliary of Muhlenberg College Pretheological Scholarship

Abbey Robuck ’24

The Woman’s Auxiliary of Muhlenberg College Scholarship in Honor of The Rev. George F. Eichorn Jr.

Zachary Kassebaum ’24

The Woman’s Auxiliary of Muhlenberg College Music Scholarship for a Junior

Dylan De Magistris ’24

The Ann E. Wonsiewicz Scholars in Education Award

Jonathan Cohen ’25

Anastajia Erickson ’25

Aidan Sewell ’24

Morgan Zissman ’23

The Rev. Dr. Arvids Ziedonis Jr. Fellowship for Graduate Studies Related to Foreign Language, Literatures, Cultures or Theology

Carly Pakenas ’23



SMART Scholarship-for-Service Program

Sophia Framm ’24, semifinalist

A woman in black academic robes smiles next to a college student in a red shirt and dark pants holding a certificate


The Community Engagement Award

Abigail Erickson ’23

The Greek Leader of the Year Award

Alexandra Caban-Echevarria ’23

The Dr. Priscilla E. Howard Tutor Award

Hannah Morris ’23

The Resident Advisor of the Year Award

Carlie Nieman ’23

The Student Activities Award

Lindsey Kessler ’23

The Student Government Achievement Award

Allison Mintz ’23

The Student Leader of the Year Award

Giovanni Merrifield ’23



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