Listen to Sløtface’s scuzzy new single ‘Nose’

Sløtface has shared another new single, ‘Nose’ – check it out below.

The song is the latest song to be taken from the project’s upcoming EP, ‘AWAKE/ASLEEP’, whose release date has now been confirmed as February 24.

Speaking about the track frontwoman Haley Shea characterises the track as a “pretty general ‘Sløtface anxiety’ song, a recurring theme in the Norwegian outfit’s music.

“‘Nose’ is what I would call a pretty general “Sløtface anxiety” song, a recurring theme I always come back to. Nose is a conversation between me and a loved one where I’m trying to use imagery to describe what anxiety feels like to someone who doesn’t experience it, how even the smallest things can trigger it and send me into a thought spiral that feels impossible to stop. The choruses are then the replies of someone I love reminding me to breathe, a tactic which usually helps me calm my thoughts, when done in the right way, by my partner, family and loved ones.

​​​’Nose’ started when I visited Odd Martin at his studio in Bergen in March of 2022 to write some songs. It ended up being a super-productive couple of days where we wrote about 7 different demos on the first day alone, and then chose a couple to flesh out on the second day. “Nose” was the last song we tried out at the end of that second day.

The mix of the heavier, rhythmic, bass-focused verses and the big, layered, poppier choruses, all combined with saxophonist Aksel Rønning adding some extra spice, grit and depth to the whole track makes it one of our absolute favorites on the EP.”

Check out ‘Nose’ below:

‘AWAKE/ASLEEP’ is the first release from Sløtface since it became a “collective” project with Shea as the only constant member, following the departure of guitarist Tor-Arne Vikingstad and bassist Lasse Lokoy.


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