‘Love Is Blind’: A Timeline of Tiffany Pennywell and Brett Brown’s Romance

Meet the Browns! Well, maybe rewind first. Before they were “The Browns,” Tiffany Pennywell and Brett Brown were just two confident professionals looking to find love in the social experiment that is Love Is Blind

The season 4 contestants met and fell for one another and have had a seemingly smooth romance ever since. With the premiere of the After the Altar special on Friday, look back at one of the Netflix series’ favorite pairs. 

Here’s a timeline of their romance: 

April 2022

They met in the pods and, thanks to encouragement from Brett’s pal, Marshall Glaze, he focused his attention on Tiffany. Brett shared with ET that just “five days” into the process, he knew that Tiffany was the one.


May 2022

Despite a suit tailoring mishap, Brett and Tiffany said their “I dos” confidently in front of their loved ones. Though they had to keep their relationship a secret for a year due to the show, it was pretty clear from the beginning that these two would end up as newlyweds. 

March 2023

Season 4 of Love Is Blind premiered on Netflix with viewers immediately falling for Tiffany and Brett. 

April 2023

Following the wedding finale, the couple was thrilled to share a behind-the-scenes look at their romance on social media after nearly a year of keeping things quiet.  

“Keeping a whole marriage a secret for a year isn’t easy but that didn’t stop us from living our lives!” they wrote on Instagram. “Here’s a sneak peek into what we’ve been up over the past year. More to come! #brettany #loveisblind #happy #meetthebrowns.”

April 2023

The couple dished to ET about their life after the altar, sharing that they’ve spent a lot of time with each other’s loved ones. 

“He’s come back to Houston with me and my entire family. They just call him, ‘Yo, handsome husband!’ He definitely is handsome. I think they just love how he treats me, too,” Tiffany told ET. 

Tiffany also opened up about moving to Portland, Oregon after starting off in Seattle, Washington. 

“I moved to Portland. It’s been easy just kind of picking up and settling into Portland only because I’m more of a free spirit,” she said at the time. “Other than the closet space, we’ve been good. I’ve learned to accept his gadgets in the household. Actually, I’ve come to appreciate them.”

August 2023

Brett and Tiffany spoke to ET about their first year of marriage, gushing over their lives as newlyweds. 

Saying their first year of marriage “absolutely just flew by,” Tiffany told ET, “We’ve had some really good moments.” 

As for a future family, Brett told ET, “Yeah, we’d love to start a family. It’s not in the plans now, but definitely, you know, sometime in the future.”

September 2023

After the Altar premiered with the drama-free couple sharing their love (and Brett’s impressive shoe collection) with the world. 

All four seasons of Love Is Blind and the After the Altar special are currently streaming on Netflix. 


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