Missing Woman’s Friends BEG Cops To Investigate — She Was Last Seen With Gilgo Beach Serial Killer Suspect!

A missing South Carolina woman may have a chilling connection to the Gilgo Beach murders, so her friend believes.

As we’ve been reporting, Rex Heuermann has been accused of killing four women in the Long Island area from 2007 to 2010. As you probably know, there’s a chance there could be far more victims, and a new report suggests a possible link between a missing mother’s disappearance and the accused killer.

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Julia Ann Bean was sadly reported missing six years ago in November of 2017 — six months after her last confirmed sighting. At the time, the 36-year-old mother of three had been struggling with drug addiction, and just seemingly vanished without a trace one day. Left behind at her home was her cellphone, keys, wallet, and a tight-knit group of loved ones that are still seeking answers to this day. Heidi Kovas, one of Bean’s close friends, never gave up on looking for her pal, and when all the news started coming out about Heuermann, she began to get an uneasy feeling.

On Tuesday, Kovas spoke to The U.S. Sun about her friend’s striking similarities to the confirmed victims:

“All of them matched Julia. Everything. The blond hair, the green eyes, the fact she was so petite. And also how she disappeared so suddenly. … she had $5,000 in the bank, she had money in her purse but she didn’t take that with her. Her drugs were left on the table. She just left her home. It seems as if someone had called her and said, ‘Hey, I’m outside,’ and she just never came back.”

So bizarre.

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Upon seeing the victims, Kovas reached out to Bean’s daughter, asking if she’d heard anything about the Gilgo Beach murders… and while she hadn’t initially been aware, once she saw a picture of Heuermann, chilling memories came flooding back in. In texts obtained by the outlet, Bean’s daughter staked a starling claim:

“I have chills. … I’ve seen him. That was the last man I saw her with personally.”


While the outlet isn’t naming Bean’s daughter at this time, she explained in the texts that the last time she saw her mother was in early June of 2017 — the night before her high school graduation. In preparation for the milestone, she and her mother planned on a nail appointment, and she claims that Heuermann was the man who dropped off her mother at the Sumter salon. She recalls him introducing himself with a different name, but she believes that he was driving a Chevrolet Avalanche — the same car identified in the case. Bean’s daughter recalled of the interaction:

“I gave her 3 tickets [to my graduation] just in case she lost one and I gave him 2 so he could bring her. He told me he has lake houses and big boats if I ever wanted to have a boat party. He offered to take me to a concert and told me he wanted to marry my mom. I never saw her again after that night.”

Sumter is approximately 100 miles south of Heuermann’s property in Chester County. So creepy.

While that may have been the last physical sighting of Bean, her social media accounts appeared active in July of the same year, according to Kovas. As far as sex work is concerned, Kovas does not know if Bean was involved, like Heuerman’s other alleged victims. However, she did recall a telling conversation with Bean’s daughter:

“Her daughter mentioned a few different men were giving her money. She never told me about doing sex work or anything like that but that’s not something she’d talk with me about anyways.”

Now, Kovas is accusing local law enforcement of not thoroughly investigating Bean’s disappearance back in 2017. But according to the outlet, the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office is looking into the case. Kovas added:

“I truly believe Rex Heuermann did something to my friend and he knows it. I know it. And hopefully, now Sumter County can no longer deny it.”

So chilling. We hope Bean’s loved ones get some answers soon.

[Images via Heidi Kovas/Facebook & Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office]

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