MrBeast Responds To Polarizing South Africa Charity Video On Twitter

MrBeast’s latest charity video, gifting 20,000 kids in South Africa their first pair of shoes, drew some controversy and even a response from the content creator on Twitter. Moreover, the YouTube sensation is known for his charity videos, of which recent high-profile example was helping 1,000 blind people see. As charitable and good-natured as these videos seem, many online believe that such acts are performative. However, such backlash paired with a seemingly equal number of defensive responses from fans. In fact, the social media star responded to this most recent South Africa video addressing his detractors.

“Just a reminder for those of you that don’t normally watch this channel,” he tweeted. “Beast Philanthropy is a charity we run and all the revenue from these videos goes towards running our food pantries and helping people around the world. Our charity owns this channel, I thought it’d be fun to use my fame to create a loop of helping. Film good deed, inspire millions of kids to do good, use revenue from good deed to do next good deed.”

MrBeast Gives 20,000 South African Kids Their First Pair Of Sneakers

Meanwhile, people on Twitter expressed a variety of emotions. Many pointed out that these charitable videos just add to more exposure, promotion, and revenue for an already rich content creator. On the other hand, many just took the gesture as heartfelt, effective, and overall positive. Overall, consensus online points in two directions: distrust of his business and content model or complacency with its positive impact. It’s something that celebrities, especially MrBeast, have to handle all the time with philanthropy and speaking on social issues. However, the conversation around this channel in particular is almost exhausting at this point.

After all, he won Favorite Male Creator at the 2023 Kids’ Choice Awards, which is a lot of his main demographic. Increased attention and conversation surrounding his charitable efforts is only going to further promote it, however negative it may be. With that in mind, at least MrBeast is doing something good for others, which takes precedence over any public image. Regardless of your take, check out reactions down below and return to HNHH for more big news on MrBeast.

Twitter Reacts To MrBeasts’s Charity Video

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