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A killer who murdered an innocent mum on her doorstep in Blackburn made violent rap videos less than an hour before he left her with 100 fatal injuries.

Anthony Stinson, 31, claimed he was suffering from psychosis and had seen the devil when he launched a savage attack on Charlotte Wilcock, as she sat on her doorstep in Primrose Terrace, Blackburn. But less than an hour before the attack, the coke-fuelled convicted rapist was recording violent lyrics with friends at his home in Queen Victoria Street.

In words described by the prosecution as “chillingly prophetic”, he rapped “I stamp your face on the floor, I stab your face on the floor” and later: “I got issues, I got issues, mainly down to drug misuse.”

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Within 45 minutes of recording the lines, Stinson was on the streets of Mill Hill, armed with a Stanley knife. He later said he had taken the knife to “rob a drug dealer” after taking cocaine and buying whiskey and cigarettes from a local shop.

When he came upon Charlotte, he launched a ferocious attack, kicking and punching her and stabbing her with the knife. Charlotte suffered defensive wounds to her hands as she tried to fend off her attacker, along with multiple bruises and knife injuries.

The videos were presented in court as evidence Stinson was “acting rationally” before leaving the house on March 3. Although distasteful, he was coherent and in command of his faculties. CCTV from the shop showed him speaking to the shop keeper and engaging normally, 10 minutes before the attack.

Murderer Anthony Stinson killed innocent mum

When asked by forensic psychiatrist Dr Stephen Barlow why he closed the door during the attack, he said: “If I’m killing the devil I don’t want anyone to see”. Dr Barlow said this showed he was thinking rationally at exactly the time he claimed to have been delusional.

After killing Charlotte, Stinson returned to his house and tried to clean himself up before roaming the Mill Hill area. The following morning he borrowed a phone from a member of the public and told police “I think I might have killed someone”.

He was taken back to Primrose Terrace, where Charlotte’s body was found behind the front door in the vestibule of her home. Stinson never denied being responsible for killing Charlotte but only pleaded guilty to murder on Monday August 21, after psychological reports had been obtained. On August 24, 2023, he was sentenced to life with a minimum term of 24 years and two months. After that time the Parole Board will determine whether he can be released on licence, which will last for the rest of his life.

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