Realme 11 Pro+ review: Premium design and powerful performance but 200MP camera?

The Realme 11 Pro+ made headlines with its standout feature, a 200MP camera. Launched in India on June 7, 2023, this device is now available for purchase on Flipkart and in retail stores. Alongside its impressive camera, the design, curved display, and 100-watt SuperVOOC charger also capture users’ attention. However, does it have what it takes to make you want to purchase the device? In our review, after spending some time with the Realme 11 Pro+, we’ll let you know if it meets your requirements and expectations.

Realme 11 Pro+ 5G Review: Design and Display

The Realme 11 Pro+ is a stylish and functional smartphone with a unique design. Collaborating with former GUCCI designer Matteo Menotto, Realme has created a distinctive device. Its sleek metal frame, curved display, and leather back panel make it stand out from the crowd. The leather finish not only adds a premium look to the overall experience but also provides a secure grip, preventing slips and keeping the phone smudge-free.

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The rear panel features a prominent circular camera module with three lenses and an LED flash. The primary sensor is elegantly marked with “200MP,” and a golden ring accentuates the camera module. The front of the device boasts a visually pleasing 6.7-inch curved display with minimal bezels and a punch-hole cutout for the selfie camera, ensuring an immersive experience.

The Realme 11 Pro+ feels comfortable in the hand with its curved edges and vegan leather back panel, giving it a premium and contemporary aesthetic. Though it lacks Gorilla Glass protection, its weight of 189 grams goes unnoticed, and its 8.7mm thickness feels lightweight in regular use.

Moving on to the display, the Realme 11 Pro+ offers an impressive 6.7-inch FHD+ curved AMOLED panel with a 120Hz refresh rate. The visuals are incredibly smooth and vibrant, thanks to the high refresh rate and HDR10+ support. While HDR performance could be improved, considering the price point, the display delivers crisp and bright output for high-resolution photos and full HD videos.

The smartphone also features Video Color Enhancer and Eye Comfort mode. Utilising the auto mode can help preserve battery life while enjoying these features. The eye comfort mode, operating at the hardware level, provides a more comfortable viewing experience.

Realme 11 Pro+: Cameras

During the launch of theRealme 11 Pro+, one of the major highlights that stole the spotlight was its 200MP camera system. Boasting a triple rear camera setup, this device offers users a range of photography options. Let’s delve into the performance and capabilities of each camera lens and assess whether they live up to the hype.

Firstly, the device flaunts a remarkable 200-megapixel ultra-high-resolution sensor. When capturing photos in normal mode under daylight conditions, the results are commendable, with good detailing and vibrant colours. However, there is a noticeable drop in picture quality when utilising the Hi-Res or 200MP mode. Images taken in this mode tend to suffer from oversaturated colours and a lack of clarity in finer details.

Moving on to portrait mode, the device excels in highlighting the subject and creating a pleasing background blur effect. The colours and detailing in portrait mode are also impressive, delivering satisfying results. Additionally, the wide-angle sensor yields good outcomes, providing users with versatility when framing shots. It’s worth mentioning that the phone supports photography at up to 20x zoom, but disappointingly, the quality deteriorates beyond 5x zoom. In well-lit conditions or harsh sunlight, some objects may appear overly saturated.

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Regrettably, the device falls short in terms of night photography. Images captured in low-light conditions lack the desired level of detailing. While the colours are passable, they fail to exhibit vibrancy, suggesting an attempt to artificially enhance brightness. The presence of visible noise further detracts from the overall quality of the photos.

Shifting our focus to the front camera, this device incorporates a 32-megapixel sensor. Users have the option to capture selfies with or without the beauty mode activated. Personally, I found that selfies without the beauty mode appeared clearer and more natural. The device does an adequate job in this regard, capturing selfies with satisfactory clarity.

Realme 11 Pro+: Impressive Battery Performance

When it comes to smartphones, one of the most important features users look for is a reliable and long-lasting battery. The Realme 11 Pro+ does not disappoint in this regard. Equipped with a robust 5000mAh battery and accompanied by a lightning-fast 100W charger, it offers impressive performance.

To test the endurance of the Realme 11 Pro+, I played multiple games and watched videos for hours while closely monitoring the battery percentage. The results were impressive.

During my battery test, I started with the phone’s battery level at 75 percent. Surprisingly, after 46 minutes of high-resolution video playback, the battery only dropped by 3%. This shows the phone’s remarkable power efficiency, allowing for extended usage without worrying about running out of battery.

In everyday use, the phone effortlessly lasted the entire day on a single charge. Making calls, browsing the web, streaming videos, or using social media posed no issues for the battery. Additionally, the included 100W fast charger provided a quick 17% boost in just three minutes.

In short, I am highly satisfied with the battery performance of the Realme 11 Pro+.If you’re someone who values a long-lasting battery and the convenience of quick charging, the Realme 11 Pro+ is definitely worth considering.

Realme 11 Pro+: Software Performance

Realme 11 Pro+ is equipped with the latest MediaTek 7050 chipset, an octa-core processor clocked at 2.6GHz, and a Mali-G68GPU, ensuring a seamless user experience. It offers two storage options: 12GB RAM with 256GB UFS3.1 storage and a base configuration of 8GB RAM with 128GB storage. The phone runs on realme UI 4.0, based on Android 13, with the latest security patch.

The phone’s design resembles previous realme models, featuring an OxygenOS aesthetic. Users can personalise various aspects like icons, system UI colour shades, and lock screen features. Most pre-installed third-party apps can be uninstalled, but adjusting the settings to disable personal recommendations and notifications is essential to avoid unwanted ads or promotional content.

Performance-wise, the phone handles daily tasks smoothly with quick app opening and closing. The 120Hz scrolling feature provides a fluid experience, and app switching is seamless. Gaming is enjoyable with the device running the re-launched BGMI game with HDR graphics. Although some heat generation may occur during charging with multiple apps running, the phone does not overheat during video recording or gameplay.


The Realme 11 Pro+ is a great phone with a beautiful design, a big and immersive screen, and it works well. It doesn’t have any problems when we use it for things like watching videos or playing games. The battery lasts a long time, even if you use it all day, and the fast charger that comes with it is really handy.

But the camera of the Realme 11 Pro+ is not perfect. It takes good pictures when the lighting is good, but it doesn’t do well in dark places. Also, the software that comes with the phone is not very good. It has too many extra apps and notifications that you don’t need, and it can make using the phone frustrating sometimes.

Even though it has some downsides, the Realme 11 Pro+ is still a great option. It looks aesthetically premium and works well, and it’s a good choice if you want a phone that is both good-looking and performs well, without spending too much money.

Product Name

Realme 11 Pro+


  • Strong battery life
  • Impressive design
  • Decent Performance
  • Fast Charging


  • Poor camera qyality
  • Minor heating issue

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