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1m ago / 8:27 PM EST

Texas has the third amount of active duty armed forces members, roughly around 115,000. Only California and Virginia have more.  

So, if we’re talking about more troops overseas — many of them will be Texans. Also, it’s a reason why there was a decent amount of support during the 2008 presidential election for anti-war candidate — and former Texas Congressman — Ron Paul.

Phil Prazan is the political reporter and anchor of the public affairs show Lone Star Politics on NBC DFW/KXAS.

1m ago / 8:27 PM EST

DeSantis has said that U.S. troops stationed in Syria and Iraq are “there in insufficient numbers to probably make a huge impact. But they’re there in sufficient numbers to be an inviting target,” and that “it’s not clear what their mission is.”

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Ramaswamy has long said that “the right answer to bad speech or bad opinions, isn’t censorship, it’s more speech.”

On the trail recently, he has referenced the Brooklyn Bridge protests but has said he believes they don’t even know what is going on in the Middle East. He has defended the protesters as an act of free speech.

He often says on the trail: “And if you repeatedly … tell people they cannot speak, that is when they scream. If you repeatedly tell people they cannot scream, that is when they tear things down.”

2m ago / 8:26 PM EST

When Ramaswamy named dropped his first book, Haley appears to roll her eyes and turns her head to share a knowing glance with Christie.

3m ago / 8:25 PM EST

Some backstory for Ramaswamy going on the attack after Israel questions

Context for Ramaswamy pivoting from an Israel question to attack his rivals: He has been getting hammered by his GOP opponents over being insufficiently supportive of Israel. So he took time out from answering a question about an issue that’s caused trouble for him to get to his own attacks before someone hits him first.

1m ago / 8:27 PM EST

Speaking of high heels and Haley’s response — reminds me of a quote from Ann Richards, who later became governor of Texas, at the 1988 DNC Convention: “After all, Ginger Rogers did everything that Fred Astaire did. She just did it backwards and in high heels.”

Phil Prazan is the political reporter and anchor of the public affairs show Lone Star Politics on NBC DFW/KXAS.

3m ago / 8:25 PM EST

Ramaswamy goes after women — and DeSantis’ boots

In the first 15 minutes, Ramaswamy has gone after three different women: Ronna McDaniel, moderator Welker and opponent Haley.

And he keeps taking digs at the heels, including trying to jab — it seems — at DeSantis for wearing boots with heels.

3m ago / 8:25 PM EST

Nikki Haley is making a career out of punchy one-liner retorts to Vivek Ramaswamy’s attacks

“They’re 5-inch heels, and I don’t wear them unless I can run in them,” she said. “They’re not fashion — they’re ammunition.”

Nikki Haley making clear she’s not going to just take the dig without giving it back.

4m ago / 8:24 PM EST

Some candidates are tapping into Republican frustration over Tuesday’s election losses.

In Pennsylvania, Republicans lost a contest for an open Supreme Court seat that would have narrowed the margin in a Democratic-controlled court to one justice, plus they lost other court and county-level races.

The GOP frustration is going public in some cases: In a social media post earlier today, a former Pennsylvania Republican congressional candidate who co-founded a group called Win Again that embraces mail-in voting called the results for Republican candidates a “disaster” and said they demonstrate the complete failure of the leadership and institutions that conservative voters, activists and donors rely on.

Lauren Mayk covers politics for NBC 10 (WCAU), reporting throughout the Philadelphia region. She also hosts the Battleground Politics podcast.

7m ago / 8:22 PM EST

Scott vs. Biden and Obama

Scott has been accusing both Obama and Biden of creating a market for American hostages on the campaign trail. He’s said Biden has blood on his hands due to the $6 billion Iran hostage deal, but it’s the first time he’s levied the attack toward Obama.

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