Sharon Kennedy: Animals get a bum rap – Sault Ste. Marie Evening News

I don’t like it when people call human beings animals. It’s a false comparison. I’ll admit turkeys are rather dimwitted and will drown themselves by opening their mouths and looking at the sky during a downpour, and deer really do stop and stare at a car before running in front of it, but that’s all I’ll admit. Being raised on a farm, I know the behavior of animals is not intentionally stupid, mean, cruel or vindictive. And, most importantly, animals do not lie.

Members of the fauna kingdom have no free will or freedom of choice. Whether domesticated or wild, they’re subservient to anything or anyone greater than they are. It irks me when people refer to others as animals. No animal would be caught dead doing what man does to his fellow man. Morbid recklessness is often the hallmark of modern homosapiens.

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