Suspect In XXXTentacion’s Murder Reportedly Denied Drake’s Involvement

The trial for the murder of XXXTentacion is underway. The trial has garnered a wide following, especially as artists like Offset, Quavo, and Drake have been ordered to deposition. In a new development, another suspect in the murder of XXXTentacion has reportedly denied Drake’s alleged involvement in the murder.

According to footage shared by Akademiks, Robert Allen told the court on Friday (December 10) that he had never met Drake. He denied receiving money from Drake and/or any of his associates and also said he did not know who XXXTentacion was at the time of his death.

In the clip above, we see that Allen is delivering his testimony by way of “yes” or “no” responses to questions asked by defendant Dedrick Williams’ attorney Mauricio Padilla. Padilla asks several questions, including “Your testimony to this court and to this jury is that you were never on the set of [Drake’s] ‘God’s Plan’ video, filmed in Miami in 2018? Is that what you’re saying?”

Padilla continued, asking, “But actually, in 2018 when this crime occurred, you didn’t know who X was? In 2018, you’re from Broward County, correct? You listen to rap music, correct? And you’re telling this jury that you didn’t know who literally probably the most famous rapper to ever come out of Broward County was in June of 2018? That’s your testimony?”

Back in January, Padilla reportedly subpoenaed Drake to sit down and offer a deposition in the case of the murder of XXXTentacion. The deposition is reportedly scheduled to take place on Friday, February 24.

If Drake does not make the deposition, then he will be required to appear in court on Monday, February 27.

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