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She’s been burning your TV since the 1990s. Here are her finest moments so far.

From the beginning of her career, Shakira has always understood the power of strong imagery and a distinct visual identity, which has helped her become the global force she is today.

Her first videos helped established her as an earthy, raven-haired singer-songwriter with a sharp point of view and the ability to put her feelings into words with stunning clarity. Later, she used her visuals to guide multiple transformations, proving her to be one of pop’s most chameleonic superstars. She’d go from artsy guitar player to raging rock diva to choreo queen over the years, revealing new layers each time.

On Tuesday, Shakira will receive MTV’s Video Vanguard award, making her the first South American artist recognized with the honor. To celebrate the award, we dove into her lengthy discography and picked out the best videos of the Colombian multi-hyphenate’s impressive, barrier-shattering career.

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