Tom Sandoval Announces ‘Everybody Loves Tom’ Podcast, Addresses Celebrity Reactions to His Cheating Scandal

Tom Sandoval is back in the spotlight, and this time, he’s embracing the hate with a new podcast titled Everybody Loves Tom. The controversial Vanderpump Rules star — who became somewhat of a reality TV villain when he cheated on his girlfriend, Ariana Madix, with their mutual friend, Rachel Leviss — is not only addressing the drama but also poking fun at it.

The highly publicized scandal among the Vanderpump Rules stars was quickly labeled Scandoval, and a few months later in May, Leviss and Sandoval called off their relationship.

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In a promo for his upcoming podcast, Sandoval reveals that he decided on the podcast’s name based on audience feedback. A producer reads out a list of unflattering adjectives that people have used to describe Sandoval, including “scum devil,” “narcissist,” “cheater,” and even “worm with a mustache.” Amid the negativity, Sandoval settles on the eyebrow-raising title Everybody Loves Tom, a tongue-in-cheek nod to the love-hate relationship fans have with him.

But Sandoval didn’t stop there; he also enlisted the help of some of Bravo’s most famous fans to weigh in on the controversy surrounding him. Jennifer Lawrence, during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, revealed how she really felt about Sandoval, declaring, “You have bad skin, and there’s no amount of spray tan that could ever change the texture of it.”

Amy Schumer also took a humorous jab, stating, “I have always been annoyed by Tom Sandoval. He not only ruined white nail polish, he ruined the mustache.”

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In response to all the attention and criticism he’s received, Sandoval playfully rolls his eyes and exclaims, “You guys!”

So it seems he’s ready to take it all in stride.

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According to an announcement made on Sept. 27, Everybody Loves Tom promises to be an entertaining venture. Sandoval will host an “eclectic mix of celebrities, musicians, and friends for candid and entertaining conversations” each week. The podcast will cover a range of topics, from behind-the-scenes Vanderpump Rules stories to discussions about music, fashion, cocktails, and more. The first episode is set to premiere on Sept. 28, and fans are eagerly anticipating what Sandoval has in store for them.

Sandoval’s podcast announcement comes on the heels of Madix’s Dancing With the Stars debut on Tuesday.

As Tom Sandoval gears up for his podcast debut, viewers are also eagerly awaiting the return of Vanderpump Rules for its upcoming season 11.

As for Leviss, she did not film the upcoming season and has stated that she does not have contact with her co-stars.


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