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G20 Summit 2023: The Group of 20, or G20, is an international forum consisting of 19 member nations and the European Union. The bloc was formed in 1999 in the aftermath of the major financial crisis that hit East and Southeast Asia in 1997. All G20 members are major global economies and they play a key role in shaping international economic policy. Together, they account for around 85% of the world GDP and represent about two-thirds of the global population and more than 75% of the world trade. 

Here is a look at the 20 member nations of G20.  

Argentina: Argentina, a growing economy in Latin America, is a major agricultural exporter. The country has faced several economic challenges but remains a key player in the G20. Read More 

Australia:  A wealthy developed country in the Asia-Pacific region with a strong financial system driven by natural resources, technology, and education. It brings expertise in climate change mitigation and adaptation, and is a critical partner in regional stability. Read More

Brazil: The largest economy in South America, Brazil is a major player in commodities and agriculture. It faces challenges such as corruption and political instability, but remains a key contributor to G20’s discussions on global trade and development. Read More

Canada: Known for its abundant natural resources, Canada has a strong financial sector and plays a role in global climate discussions. Read More

China: As the world’s second most populous country and second-largest economy, China wields significant influence in global geopolitics, trade, finance. Read More

France: A economic powerhouse in the heart of Europe, with global reach and diplomatic prowess, France contributes to discussions on trade, climate, and security. Read More

Germany: The largest economy in the European Union, Germany’s industrial strength makes it a key player in global trade and economic stability. Read More

India: India is one of the largest growing economies with a diverse population. The host of G20 Summit 2023 is a critical player in discussions on diverse issues ranging from sustainable development and poverty alleviation to economy and geopolitics. Read More

Indonesia: The Southeast Asian country is a rising economic power known for its vast natural resources and potential for future growth. Read More

Italy: Italy has a rich cultural heritage complemented by a diverse economy. It plays a role in discussions on global development, finance and trade. Read More

Japan: An economic giant known for innovation and technology, Japan contributes to discussions on monetary policy and global finance. Read More

Mexico: Mexico is an important partner in G20 discussions on regional economic integration. Its proximity to the United States and role in North American trade make it a key player. Read More

Russia: A major major oil and gas exporter and a military power, Russia plays a crucial role in discussions on energy security and geopolitics. It is now at the centre stage of conversations due to its invasion of Ukraine that invited sanctions from West. Vladimir Putin is skipping the 2023 Summit in India, and will be represented by Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. Read More

Saudi Arabia: As a leading oil producer, Saudi Arabia’s role in energy markets and its influence in the Middle East are significant within the G20. Read More

South Africa: South Africa is a representative of the entire African continent within the G20, contributing to discussions on development, trade, and infrastructure. Read More

South Korea: The country known for its technological advancements is a major player in discussions on innovation, digital economy and trade. Read More

Turkey: With its strategic location between Europe and Asia, Turkey has traditionally served as a bridge between the two continents, and continues to do so within the G20. It contributes to discussions on trade, finance, and regional stability. Read More

United Kingdom: The UK is a significant financial centre and key partner for discussions on global finance and trade. Post Brexit and Covid pandemic, it has been facing challenges such as economic uncertainty, but remains a big player in the G20. Read More

United States: The world’s largest economy, the US influences all discussions on isses ranging from international diplomacy and geopolitics to trade and finance. Read More

European Union: The EU represents a powerful economic bloc, contributing to discussions on trade, climate, and global development. Read More

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