Who Is Southern Charm’s Jarrett ‘JT’ Thomas? 5 Things to Know

Jarrett Thomas.
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Southern Charm’s Jarrett “JT” Thomas is the new kid on the block for season 9 — but that doesn’t mean he’s afraid to make waves.

“JT is a professional thorn in Austen [Kroll]’s side the whole year,” Craig Conover exclusively told Us Weekly on Wednesday, September 20.

Craig, 34, teased that “this season is just a wild ride” and that JT, 38, did a “good job” of holding his own with the cast.

Although JT is new to Southern Charm, Craig told Us that he’s been friends with him “for a while.”

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To get prepared for being on camera, JT revealed that he got into shape by walking 10 miles a day. “Knowing the camera adds 10lbs, when the show offered me the role I decided to lose 10lbs of bad weight,” JT wrote via Instagram in August. “It wasn’t an easy journey but I’m so glad I got it done bc I feel 10x happier and healthier and my diabetes is so much easier to manage now without all the excess. If I can do it, so can you, get those steps in!”

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Who Is Jarrett JT Thomas 5 Things to Know About the Southern Charm Season 9 Newbie 293
Courtesy of JT / Jarrett Thomas/Instagram

Where Did Southern Charm’s JT Grow Up?

JT is a Virginia native, who currently resides in Charleston, South Carolina.

What Does JT Do for a Living?

The season 9 newbie works in the real estate business and founded the luxury Airbnb/VRBO rental space, The Inns, Charleston. He is also a “pro at partying,” according to his Bravo bio.

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Does JT Have Any Siblings?

JT has one brother, Matt Thomas, and four sisters, Nicole Thomas, and Caroline, Julia and Natalie Rasmus.

Who Is Jarrett JT Thomas 5 Things to Know About the Southern Charm Season 9 Newbie 291
Courtesy of JT / Jarrett Thomas/Instagram

How Does JT Fit Into the ‘Southern Charm’ Group?

JT met Craig and Austen shortly after moving to Charleston. He also befriended Shep Rose and the trio have grown close since JT’s permanent move to the city after the coronavirus pandemic.

According to his Instagram account, JT is tight with several Southern Hospitality stars, including Bradley Carter, Mia Alario, Reagan Hack and Joe Bradley. Southern Hospitality is Leva Bonaparte’s spinoff series, which premiered in 2022.

Who Is Jarrett JT Thomas 5 Things to Know About the Southern Charm Season 9 Newbie 295
Courtesy of JT / Jarrett Thomas/Instagram ; Stephanie Diani/Bravo

Which ‘Southern Charm’ Costar Does JT Like?

The season 9 trailer, which dropped in August, teased JT’s infatuation with costar Taylor Ann Green. Despite being Shep’s ex, JT doesn’t appear to be shy about how much he likes Taylor, 28.

In fact, Craig told Us in September that JT’s “obsession” with Taylor is how her rumored hookup with Austen first comes to light on the show. “Because JT [is] telling Shep that he likes Taylor and Shep’s like, ‘Sure, sure, whatever. OK, JT, you can Taylor.’ And he’s like, ‘So that’s why I’m jealous of all the time she’s been spending with Austen,’” Craig recalled to Us about the drama, which took place earlier this year. “And Shep’s like, ‘Well, what do you mean by that?’”

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Austen and Taylor sparked romance speculation in March after their respective splits from Olivia Flowers and Shep in 2022. On the season 9 premiere, which aired on September 14, Taylor warned viewers “don’t believe everything you read on the internet,” denying the hookup. Austen, however, confessed to his parents that “something happened” with Taylor despite his friendship with Shep.

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