Wimbledon favourite and US Open hopeful Chris Eubanks enjoyed tennis with Jamie Foxx in whirlwind year

Chris Eubanks is desperate to keep his feel-good momentum from Wimbledon going into the final Grand Slam of the year.

The American will return to our screens at the US Open after winning over the British crowd in south west London.


Eubanks won hearts at WimbledonCredit: Getty
And has since discussed an incredible year


And has since discussed an incredible yearCredit: Today.com

The 27-year-old had a July to remember, winning his first ATP Tour event, the Mallorca Open, on the eve of Wimbledon where he staged an unexpected run to the quarter-finals.

The Georgia native knocked out seeded stars Cameron Norrie and Stefanos Tsitsipas on his way to a final eight tie with Daniil Medvedev, which he led by two sets, but ultimately said goodbye.

He received a standing ovation upon his exit from No.1 Court, and gestured a love heart with his hands in response, thanking the crowd for their part in his career peak so far.

And when asked by Today if he’s still on a high from that run, Eubanks replied: “Yeah, I’ve taken a few losses since then! 

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“But I’m still keeping in the moment and I’m going in the right direction so everything is starting to settle, things are starting to normalise into what seems to be a new reality for me.

“I just want to keep the momentum that I built at Wimbledon and the confidence that I’ve built in my game, I just want to keep that moving forward.”

Eubanks has an incredible opportunity to do that at his home country in New York, and has had a famous face to help him train.

Hollywood megastar Jamie Foxx has become a close friend of Eubanks during a whirlwind year, and he explained how the bromance came about.

Foxx couldn't return Eubanks' serve


Foxx couldn’t return Eubanks’ serveCredit: @chris_eubanks96
The actor was left on the sidelines


The actor was left on the sidelinesCredit: chris_eubanks96

“I connected with a guy named Alex Avant who is a very good friend of mine and he happens to be one of Jamie’s best friends,” he explained. 

“So Alex is a massive tennis fan, we go out and play tennis all the time, and then one day he said, ‘hey I think Foxx would like to come out and play’, so when he said that I jumped at the opportunity.

“I’ll never forget that with a buddy of mine we were out in LA somewhere near the beach and I got a call from Alex who said, ‘hey, Foxx will be at the house in 30 minutes, he wants to go and play tennis’.

“We immediately hopped up and grabbed out things, drove to Alex’s house and out on the court and I met Foxx and it was like that, one of the nicest guys, one of the most genuine people you’ll ever meet.”

Posting some hilarious clips on social media with Foxx in a Brazil football shirt struggling to return his serve, Eubanks said the video didn’t do justice to the Oscar winner’s skills.

“He actually held his own really well,” Eubanks added. “I actually had to kind of bait him a little bit to get him to move up closer to the baseline.

“He was just standing so far behind so I said, ‘hey man, that’s not where pros stand, you’ve got to get inside’.

“So when I got him to stand up close I knew I could maybe tattoo him on the hip a little bit but since that moment we’ve been very close friends and he actually came to support me in my quarter-final match in Miami which was a bit of a surprise.”

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