At CES 2023, a vest for VR games was introduced that simulates knife strikes and bullet hits

An unusual device debuted at CES 2023. We are talking about the OWO Skin vest, which is able to provide feedback in games. The developers claim that the vest plausibly imitates punches or knives, bullets, bites, etc. In total, it is capable of reproducing about 30 different impacts.

Tactile feedback is provided by electrical impulses. Journalists from several publications decided to personally test the novelty. They were satisfied with the result.

To adjust the level of exposure, a proprietary application is used. The OWO Skin vests will be available in several sizes. After putting the vest on the body, it automatically calibrates. Elastic materials are used to make OWO Skin. From the complete battery, the vest works for about eight hours. Bluetooth is used to connect to a set-top box or PC.

The vest is already available for pre-order on the manufacturer’s website. Its cost is 425 USD. In the near future, the manufacturing company plans to launch a vest with long sleeves on the market.

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