State budget spending since the beginning of the war is approaching 1.5 trillion: what did the funds spend on

In September, cash expenditures from the general fund of the state budget amounted to 234.1 billion hryvnia, and since the beginning of the big war they have reached 1.43 trillion hryvnia.

This is evidenced by the data of the monthly reporting of the State Treasury Service, the press service of the Ministry of Finance reports.

Most of all in the structure of expenses, most of all were directed to the following needs:

UAH 605 billion (in September – UAH 106 billion) – remuneration with accruals, or 42.2% of the total expenditures spent during the war.

Of these, UAH 458.5 billion was allocated for the financial maintenance of military personnel (UAH 82.9 billion in September);

UAH 331.3 billion (in September – UAH 62.6 billion) – to pay for the use of goods and services, or 23.1%.

In particular, for the purchase of military equipment, weapons, ammunition, defense products, personal protective equipment and the implementation of the program of state guarantees of medical care for the population

UAH 301.4 billion (in September – UAH 44 billion) or 21% of the total spending was allocated to social security (pensions, allowances, scholarships) or. UAH 81.6 billion (UAH 4.1 billion in September) or 5.7% of the total was allocated to service the public debt;

Transfers to local budgets amounted to UAH 79.7 billion. (in September – UAH 9.2 billion) or 5.6% of the total volume.


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