Umar Kremlev and gave the world boxing champion Bivol a car

Umar Kremlev, a member of the executive committee of the Russian Boxing Federation, met with WBA (Super) light heavyweight world champion Russian Dmitry Bivol and congratulated him on his victory over Mexican Saul Alvarez.
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For sports achievements, the Kremlin presented Bivol with the keys to a BMW car.

“I sincerely rooted for Dmitry Bivol, who won a grand victory over Saul Alvarez. The fight was fair, and most importantly, beautiful and dynamic. Dmitry is the undefeated absolute champion, ”Kremlev wrote in his Telegram channel.

A member of the executive committee of the Boxing Federation of the Russian Federation also said that by giving the athlete a car, he thus decided to support the winner.

In addition, he wished Alvarez “not to lose heart, take a hit and achieve new heights.”

“Thank you for showing such a wonderful fight and delighting all the fans with beautiful boxing!” Kremlin concluded.

On the night of May 8 in Las Vegas, the duel between the Mexican Saul Canelo Alvarez and Dmitry Bivol ended in victory for the Russian. Bivol won the second line in the ranking of world boxers, regardless of weight category, and is now second only to WBC heavyweight world champion Tyson Fury.

After the win, Bivol said that in the fight with the Mexican he felt his professional superiority, this motivated him to win. The Russian considered the fight with an opponent not the most difficult. At the same time, he noted the intensity of the atmosphere around the fight.

According to the Russian boxer, he is ready for a rematch with the Mexican if he fights in the super middleweight division.

After the victory over Alvarez, the Russian athlete flew to St. Petersburg on the night of May 11. He was greeted with music and posters of congratulations. Fans asked for autographs from the World Boxing Association (WBA Super) light heavyweight title holder.

Bivol is 31 years old, the Russian has 20 victories in professional boxing (11 of them by knockout). At one time, he was a contender for the highest places in the WBA, WBC, IBF and WBO boxing ratings.

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