155-mm self-propelled howitzers FH70: features, characteristics of the artillery system with engine

Our fighters received 155-mm NATO artillery systems that can fire at a range of up to 30 km – European trailed self-propelled howitzers FH70. About the capabilities of the FH70 gun, features – in the material of TSN.ua.

The West Operational Command announced on May 26 that 155-mm FH70 howitzers were already destroying the enemy on the front lines.

Compared to the M777 howitzers that Ukraine received from Canada, the United States and Australia, the FH70 is an older system that was developed in the 1970s. Nevertheless, the FH70 artillery system is quite effective, it differs from other 155 mm howitzers by a number of features.
History of the FH70 howitzer

The howitzer began to be developed in 1969 by Great Britain and Germany, and in 1970 by Italy. The FH70 should replace the American 155mm M114 howitzer. The main requirements for the new howitzer were to create a removable auxiliary power supply, increase the range without assistance 24 – 30 km, increase the number and intensity of shots (possibility of a series of 3 shots in 15 – 20 seconds, 6 shots per minute in a short period), create a howitzer, which could fire all NATO-caliber ammunition, as well as a new range of ammunition. In 1976, the howitzer was adopted. Today, the self-propelled howitzer is in the arsenal of Germany, Italy, Britain, Japan, Estonia, Norway, the Netherlands and other countries.
Features and capabilities of the trailed self-propelled howitzer FH70
Howitzers can move independently over short distances.

The FH70 belongs to the class of self-propelled artillery systems thanks to the 1.7-liter Volkswagen engine, which not only feeds the hydraulics of the gun when it is put into combat or folding, but also allows the howitzer to move independently. Range of movement of the gun – up to 20 km at a speed of up to 16 km / h.
Shooting range

Due to the fact that the FH70 155-mm howitzer with a barrel length of 39 calibers and a wedge shutter, its range is up to 24.7 km with a conventional projectile and up to 30 km with active-jet ammunition. The maximum firing distance of the FH70 is the same as in the American howitzer M777. But because the FH70 was developed in the 1970s, it is almost twice as heavy as the American howitzer, weighing 9 tons.
Trailer howitzers FH70
The rate of fire

To accelerate the rate of fire, the howitzer was partially automated. To do this, a tray was installed, which independently loads the projectile into the breech. But you need to lay the charges yourself. This speeds up howitzer loading – when one projectile is loaded, the second in the tray, the 3rd in the charger. The semi-automatic loading system works at any angle of the gun barrel. This speeds up the rate of shots – the first 3 shots occur in 15 seconds, a total of 6 shots per minute.
Howitzer maintenance

The howitzer consists of the artillery part itself, a cradle with a recoil device and a semi-automatic mechanism that charges the shells. The howitzer service involves 8 fighters, but this howitzer can be used with a minimum service of 4 fighters.
howitzers FH70
Technical characteristics of FH70

Caliber: 155 mm.
Barrel length: 39 calibers.
Length of the weapon in the marching / combat position: 9.8 / 12.43 m.
Width of the weapon in the marching / combat position: 2.20 / 9.8 m.
Height of the weapon in the marching / combat position: 2.56 / 2.19 m.
Vertical aiming angle: from -5 ° to + 70 °
Horizontal aiming angle: 56 ° (28 ° to the right and left).
Weapon weight: 9600 kg.
Shooting range: 24.7 km conventional projectile, up to 31.5 km – active-jet.
The initial velocity of the projectile is 827 m / s.
Time of transfer from the starting position to the combat position: 4 minutes
Maximum towing speed: 100 km / h.
Calculation: 8 people (4 people).

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