Bill Nye Shows His Rizz By Dancing To Key Glock

Bill Nye is an American science communicator, who is best known for his TV series Bill Nye the Science Guy in the 90s. Despite his age, he still maintains an enormous fan base who lean on him to learn more about science. His ability to break down complicated topics in a way that kids understand is unmatched. As a result, people go crazy just about any time he is seen on TV or social media. But Bill Nye is making headlines for reasons other than science.

In the recent Blue Jacket Fashion Show in February, Bill Nye made his presence known as he attended. At the time of the show, people were not making too much of a fuss. However, a video has recently come out showing the senior scientist dancing to a song by Key Glock. Because of his age and profession, fans are finding it humorous to see that he was so into hip-hop music. But the song Bill is dancing to does make a lot of sense for who he is. In a now-viral video, Bill is seen getting down to Key Glock’s song “Chromosomes.”

Bill Nye Lets Loose At The Blue Jacket Fashion Show

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Bill attended the show wearing a dashing blue suit and patterned bowtie. The TV personality has always been known for having a goofy and charming side. But despite this knowledge, his fans are always tickled to see him interacting with modern hip-hop culture. In recent years, Bill Nye has separated himself from his child-friendly persona quite a bit. His original show ended in 1998, but he came back to TV in the late 2010s with a much more adult approach. Now he has fans of all ages who can’t help but love him.

But his appearance at the fashion show is not the first time audiences were able to see him dance. In fact, in 2013, Bill Nye took part in the 17th season of Dancing With the Stars. He had to retire from the show, however, after injuring himself during one of the dances. Nevertheless, fans were ecstatic to see his revival. Since then, he has been frequently appearing in the most random of places. Stay tuned to see where the beloved TV scientist appears next.

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