Chrisean Rock Is “Drained” By Blueface Drama As Couple Talks Physical Abuse

It feels as if we’ve been in a nonstop cycle of Blueface and Chrisean Rock relationship issues. We haven’t received much new music from the California rapper as of late, but updates about his personal life have been neverending. For years, Blue and Rock have been a concerning couple. The pair have been filmed physically beating on one another on multiple occasions. As if that didn’t already give the public pause, their constant, vicious, public social media arguments have thrust the couple into infamy. Such is the case this week, as Blueface and Chrisean seem to be on the outs once again. Yung Miami expressed her support for the young star amid the drama, but that didn’t stop the “Thotiana” hitmaker from continuing his tirade against his on-again-off-again girlfriend.

This latest wave’s catalyst was Blueface showing off a laundry room covered in dirty clothing. “Look at this sh*t, y’all. I done told this hoe to do the goddamn laundry for about a month now. I tell her, it’s not that hard, baby. Look, if you separate the clothes every day and just do a load a day, it’ll be less work.” He questioned what he was supposed to do with the mess—although he didn’t seem to want to wash anything himself. Elsewhere, he continued to criticize Chrisean, calling her names and repeatedly denying that he is the father of her unborn child. However, admitted there is an eight out of ten chance he is the dad.

Chrisean Rock Reacts To Blueface’s Insults

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Rock has made it a habit of ignoring her boyfriend’s rants. Her responses also cause uneasiness, as she often doesn’t acknowledge his remarks and expresses her love. Yet, she changed things up today (March 15) after again finding her name at the center of controversy. Rock responded to the laundry claim, saying she’s “mentally and physically” drained. “Who wants to clean up after a n*gga that beats and cheats on them?” She added she would rather pay someone else to handle those chores because she doesn’t have the mental space to deal with them.

On Twitter, Blueface stated, “Any b*tch out they hands on me getting they ass beat everybody knows that already.” Rock replied, “Nah I just started popping off first cuz I can see it already coming because the first fight was c I wanted to walk away n go upstairs.” She said the argument had to do with Blueface telling her to submit. “N*gga I started thinking I had to be aggressive back so u won’t think u can just b*tch me.” Rock later called him a bully trying to gaslight her into acting out.

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It’s unclear where this relationship is headed, but at this rate, it’s going nowhere fast. Rock is moving forward with her pregnancy regardless of Blue asking her to get an abortion. Zeus network has also again found its name in the controversy, as they gave Blueface and Chrisean their own reality series to show off their toxicity. Check out the couple above.

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