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By Guy Chapman

For the month of August, the Corsicana Country Club hosted the Navarro County Bar Association meeting. The guest speaker was businessman, composer, musician, producer, and savant Will “Mekatron” Jones, founder of Mekatron Media Group.

At the meeting, Jones discussed a variety of audio and video subjects, especially centered around artificial Intelligence programs such as ChatGPT and virtual stenographer programs, highlighting the influence they already have on not only the legal system, but the creative industry as well.

Though Jones’ technical work is well known throughout the hallways of the Navarro County Courthouse, he is also a skilled musician, producer, and creator.

Jones’ Texas-based multimedia company began in 2022, with the goal of providing all essential services needed for successful music production, including arranging, videography, photography and live sound requirements.

Jones has worked in the forefront and background of the music industry for years doing sound design, instrumentation, and or music production/compositions. As a result, he has decades of experience in various musical projects, bands, and media creations. Highlights from his diverse career include working with musicians and projects such as War Machine, Haven, Mekatron Jones, and audio production work for the Navarro County Courthouse and Navarro College’s “Dancing for Our Stars.”

Jones’ current career path led him to move back to Texas in 2020, where he learned he had a knack and joy with learning litigation. From 2020 to 2023, Jones has looked for ways to utilize the skills he was most proficient at, (such as audio video and general tech) within the world of litigation.

In August of 2022, Jones got his first break into that field, hired on to offer expert testimony by local law representatives Kerri Donica and Damara Watkins. Jones became a go to resource for them, which in turn was the catalyst for realizing his company.

In just a little under a year, he has secured a contract with Navarro County, partnered with a justice solution tech company, and worked for and mentored with Steve and Sarah Keathly, Gary Bower, Natalie Dawson, Neal Green, Michael Crawford, James Polk, Cody Beauchamp, Thomas Headen, among other members within the Navarro County Bar Association.

“I’ve truly been blessed with a unique set of abilities even more of the unique opportunity to apply those skills in the environment that I do,” Jones said.

“My next step is to take the bar exam, and add working defense lawyer to my resume next.”

For recent projects, Jones has been in the studio working on a remake of the “Stranger Things” theme song for Season Five sync consideration.

Jones’ broad love of music is something he hopes will grow musical tastes in Navarro County.

“One more thing I forgot to add as a goal is that I want to bring a more diverse pool of musical artists to Navarro County, Jones said. “From genres like rock, hip hop, and metal, and I’m already in discussions with bands like Drowning Pool, Sevendust, Static X, and more.”

Jones offers various rates for his services, starting at $55 an hour for the courthouse/legal centered services, $25 an hour for music recording, production, mixing and mastering, $150 an hour for DJ services, and $300 a day for Bluetooth sound system.

For more information, call Jones at 903-467-4883, or email at

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