Lil Keed’s New Song “Long Way to Go” Released: Listen

A new song from Lil Keed has been released: “Long Way to Go” is the first posthumous single from the Atlanta rapper, who died at the age of 24 last year. Listen to the track below.

Keed died in May 2022, and it was due to eosinophilia, the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner-Coroner recently announced. In a statement, Keed’s mother, Tonnie “HoodMama” Woods-Reed, said that her son was working on a new album, Keed Talk to ’Em 2, at the time of his death. Find the full statement below.

Read the remembrance “Lil Keed Had More to Give,” as well as a review of the 2018 Keed Talk to ’Em song “Nameless,” on the Pitch.

Tonnie “HoodMama” Woods-Reed:

On May 13, 2022, I lost my son Raqhid Render—who many of you knew as the artist Lil Keed. While this journey through the different phases of grief has been indescribably hard, a way that I have found to cope is through his music. Right before his passing, Keed was hard at work at what would’ve been his highly anticipated next album, Keed Talk to ’Em 2. As much as he was a great father, son, and friend—he was also an artist who (thanks to many of you) lived and continues to live through his music. With that being said, the time has come to share some of our last pieces of Keed with you all starting with the release of his first single, “Long Way to Go.” This song holds a special place in my heart and as you guys will see it will reflect on many aspects of Keed’s journey here on Earth. I hope you all appreciate it as we take the first step in cementing Keed’s legacy. Long Live Keed!

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