Lindsay Hubbard Tells Kyle Cooke to Get Carl Radke Split Facts ‘Straight’

Lindsay Hubbard, Kyle Cooke, and Carl Radke.
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Lindsay Hubbard is fact-checking Kyle Cooke’s recent comments about her split from ex-fiancé Carl Radke.

Last month, Cooke, 41, claimed that the exes had been in couples therapy “since they basically started dating” in an interview with E! News. Hubbard, however, clarified on “The Viall Files” podcast that his comments aren’t true.

“We were in couples therapy, but we were not in couples therapy since we started dating, which is what Kyle said,” Hubbard, 37, said on the podcast’s Wednesday, November 8, episode, noting that Cooke himself is also in couples therapy with wife Amanda Batula. “I don’t really like when he’s therapy-shaming me for being in couples therapy,” Hubbard added.

Hubbard went on to discuss her and Radke’s couples therapy journey, explaining that they actually started therapy one year into their relationship in November 2022. “He was going through a really hard time with his job at Loverboy,” she recalled. “He was very unhappy. Our communication was off. That honeymoon phase wore off.”

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Hubbard and Radke, 38, briefly dated while filming Summer House season 4 in 2019. Although their romance fizzled out, they rekindled things in fall 2021 and eventually got engaged in August 2022 while filming Summer House season 7.

Us Weekly confirmed in August that the pair called things off during filming for the show’s upcoming eighth season, three months before they were set to tie the knot in Mexico. Hubbard slammed Radke’s decision to pull the plug on camera in an exclusive interview with Us earlier this month, adding, “The whole world found out [about my breakup] within 30 minutes of me.”

Lindsay Hubbard Tells Kyle Cooke to Get the Facts Straight About Her and Carl Radke Breakup 2

Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke
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On Wednesday’s podcast, host Nick Viall said he was “surprised” to hear that Hubbard thought Cooke was shocked by the duo’s split. “It would have made sense if you would’ve came [sic] in here and told me that, like, him and Carl were talking a lot recently, maybe about his career at Loverboy, and Kyle planted a couple seeds of doubt,” Viall, 43, stated on Wednesday.

Hubbard, meanwhile, said that she doesn’t know what conversations could have happened between Cooke and Radke behind closed doors. “There could’ve absolutely been points in time over summer where, you know, Kyle could have been in Carl’s ear,” she claimed. “Kyle’s had it out for me for years. He always assumes the worst in me and he always thinks I’m some master manipulator, you know, calculated person. I’m like, ‘No. I’m just smarter and quicker. I think on my feet.’”

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Hubbard continued: “I also think in [Kyle’s] communication, [he] might tell you one thing and then tell somebody something completely different. So, who knows what those conversations [are] — I guess we’ll find out when this season airs, right? But, I definitely think someone was in Carl’s ear. I just don’t know who it was.”

Hubbard and Viall aren’t the only ones who think Cooke could have been involved in the former couple’s breakup. “You know the guy who really kind of ticks me off in that whole situation? Kyle,” Below Deck’s Captain Lee Rosbach said on an episode of his “Salty With Captain Lee” podcast earlier this month. “I think he contributed to a certain degree.”

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Rosbach, 73, defended his claim by citing a scene from Summer House season 7. “Like that one night [Kyle] got totally s–t faced drunk and called Lindsay everything under the book that you could think of in front of Carl,” he shared. “And Carl sat there and took it and didn’t get all bent out of shape and aggressive on him. Which he had every right to do.”

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