Is Taylor Swift Distracting Travis Kelce From His Football Responsibilities?!

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift have been dominating headlines as their romance heats up by the day — but is it becoming TOO distracting!?

The new couple has been pretty much spending all their free time together ever since they went public just over a week ago. Trav was even spotted leaving the pop star’s apartment just hours before taking the field on Sunday! Naturally, many die-hard sports fans are beginning to fear he might be spending too much time with his new lady — and less time on making sure his team makes it to the Super Bowl again. But rest assured, Kansas City Chiefs fans: it doesn’t sound like he’s lost focus AT ALL!

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A source told People on Monday that he is “focusing on football like he always has.” He just has some extra support in the crowd these days! The insider elaborated:

“During the NFL season, his priority is the Chiefs. It’s all about the team.”

We bet TayTay can understand that! She’s a superstar in her own industry, and knows what it takes to stay on top! Besides, Travis is a grown-ass man! And it’s not just Taylor pulling his attention: if you’ve watched any football on TV this fall, you know he did a million-and-one endorsements and commercials that are airing constantly now. He’s got a LOT going on. And if he can’t manage his work-life balance, that’s on him! Just sayin’!

Interestingly, the confidant doesn’t think there’s any reason to even worry about the Grammy winner getting in the way of the tight end’s priorities. That’s because there’s “nothing too serious” going on between the pair, and they are “still just getting to know each other” with there being “no pressure.” Downplaying the Love Story, they dished:

“He is a charming guy. It’s more of a hanging out situation than dating.”

To be fair, they are moving faster than most! We mean, she’s already met his momma! A Kelce family insider gushed:

“Donna likes Taylor and thinks she’s very sweet and down to earth.”

Not every girl meets mom on one of the first dates. Ya know?! So this is kinda serious. But we get what the source is saying. It’s still new! And whether or not football fans like all the media attention on the couple, the NFL has to be happy! It’s giving them a TON of new exposure!

Thoughts, y’all?! Is Taylor going to get unfairly blamed if the Chiefs don’t make a deep postseason run again this year??

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