War Speeches. Russia intimidates Ukraine, but backfires

Last week (October 10-16) started very difficult for Ukrainians. Russia launched a massive missile attack on critical civilian infrastructure, including power plants in dozens of densely populated cities (Kharkiv, Dnipro, Lviv, Odesa and a number of others).

The capital was also hit by a rocket. In one day, Russian troops launched 84 rockets at Ukraine, 45 of which were shot down. In addition, air defense destroyed 9 out of 12 kamikaze drones “Shahed-136” of Iranian production, which were also released by the Russian military.

This is not the first missile attack by the Russian army. Likewise, it is not the first time that the civilian, critical infrastructure and the civilian population have deliberately become its object. However, it was probably the most massive Russian attack since February 24, 2022.

Russia aims to intimidate Ukrainians by destroying the energy system. However, the Kremlin failed to achieve this. Moreover, the massive Russian strikes have further encouraged Ukraine’s Western allies to take decisive action and increase the supply of weapons – in particular, modern air defense systems to protect Ukrainian cities and civilians from Russian bombing.

In addition, Russia is failing on the diplomatic front. At first, the UN General Assembly supported the territorial integrity of Ukraine and condemned the fake referendums organized by Russia in the occupied territories, and later the PACE recognized the Russian regime as terrorist.
Why did Russia choose October 10?

The official reason is that these strikes were a response to the bombing of the Crimean bridge on October 8. According to the Kremlin, it was carried out by Ukrainian special services. Russian law enforcement officers even adapted an “evidence base” to this version, which raises many logical questions from people who have even a little critical thinking.

Russian President Vladimir Putin called the attack on the Crimean bridge, which the Russians used to transfer 75% of the weapons to the occupied territories of Ukraine, a “terrorist act” aimed “at the destruction of Russia’s critically important civil infrastructure”. Like, that’s why Russia responded.

However, another version is likely. Official Moscow decided to intimidate Ukrainian civilians and force our country to stop resisting the Russian invasion. The Crimean bridge became only a pretext – and it does not matter who exactly struck it.

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